Nate’s Number 1 Guitar “Angel”

Most guitar players have their #1 guitar. Nate Alan’s #1 is his 1991 American Stratocaster that has been heavily modified throughout the years.

Nate Alan’s #1 Stratocaster

Nate has a belief that a guitar is meant to be played and played hard. Nates #1 guitar is named “Angel“, has seen the world twice over and if this guitar was a cat it has lived through many of its 9 lives! Tone, utility, playability is so important to achieve the best sounding results. Nate began customizing the 1991 Strat with new pickups and a left-handed tremolo system for ease of use.

The first set of custom pickups consisted of Seymour Duncan cool rails on the bridge, JB Jr middle and lil 59 on the neck. This set up lasted several years until the corrosion of being played finally killed the pickup set. During a live performance, Nate threw the Strat at the end of a show cracking the guitar in half. This was repaired at Moze guitar San Diego and left some serious battle scars.

Current Set up Nate Alan’s #1

When Black Levee formed “Angel “went through a complete overhaul. The rosewood neck was changed for a soft V maple 21 fret neck, the tuning heads were upgraded to Sperzel Locking Tuners, the pickguard was replaced with a set of Zexcoil legacy Texas Blues Pickups and Clapton mid boost. The left-handed tremolo was replaced with a new vintage fender right-handed tremolo blocked leaving a gap from the previous system. All repairs were completed by Top Gear San Diego. The combination of the soft V neck and Zexcoils allowed for a classic but new tone with playing comfort.

This set up is currently being used in Black Levee.


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