Nate Alan’s Guitars, Amp’s and Stompboxes

The Black Levee Sound – Nate Alan

What creates the vintage guitar tone and retro rock and roll vibe of Black Levee? A personal collection of Fender Stratocasters, Gretsch, Gibson, and Epiphone guitars are used frequently throughout Black Levee recordings. Switching between guitars truly assists in being inspired to play a certain style. Every guitar in the collection are strung with  Ernie Ball Slinky 9 – 42 gauge strings . The only guitar pick that will be used is a yellow Dunlop 73mm Tortex picks

Nate Alan’s Guitar Amps

Currently the amp selection that Nate is using consists of a Fender EC Tremolux and the Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue.

The EC Tremolux is set with volume at 3.5 and tone set at 7 with the tremolo circuit turned off.

As a second amp the deluxe reverb reissue has volume  at 4 with the tone knobs set at treble 5, bass 4 and reverb set to 3.

Both amps are small with low wattage allowing for a tube break up at reasonable stage volume. These amps are loud but not unreasonable.

Nate Alan’s Stompboxes and effect pedals

Nate has for several years been a “plug into the amp and bypass the effect pedals” kind of guy, but as of late has begun using a mix of Wampler and Earth Quaker Devices pedals regularly. The pedal chain begins with a Korg Chromatic Tuner feeding in the Wampler Velvet Fuzz for huge vintage Hendrix style tone. This is mainly used as a boost for soloing and the heavier tunes in the set such as Café. Chained next inline

Wampler Paisley drive pedal is engaged the majority of the set and offers just a bit of drive for the front end of the amp. Lastly,

Earth Quaker devices Dispatch pedal is a delay and reverb combo unit all knobs set at 9 o clock for a touch of slapback delay and reverb.

Nate does have a collection of other pedals that make its way into his board such as the MXR Carbon CopyFulltone 69 Fuzz, and Dunlop Buddy Guy Signature Wah Effects Pedal.


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