Show Details,  Performance Time: 45 Minutes – 3 Hours

Every 45 minutes of performance Black Levee will be allowed a 15 minute break


• Payment arrangements will be agreed upon in
writing before any performance

• All Venues will allow Black Levee merchandise
to be sold at venue

• Black Levee will provide their own printed/
posted sellers permit

• 100% earnings of Black Levee merchandise
belongs to Black Levee


2 Fender Combo amps 12-40 watt , Ampeg 400
watt 1x15 with line out + 2x10 extension cab

Stage Setup: 1 Lead Vocal ( Center ), 2 Backup
Vocals (Stage Left & Right) 2 Electric Guitars,
(Stage Left & Right) 1 Electric Bass stage
(Center Left), 5-8 piece Drums ( Rear Center)

AVAILABLE FRONTLINE: for paid rental of $300.00 ($50.00 per hour after 2 hours)
• 12 Channel Yamaha Board
• Carvin 800 watt powered speaker system
• 6 sm57 condenser mics , 1 sm58 Vocal Mic, DBX EQ, Pre
Sonus Tube Pre Amp



Black Levee shows will be listed here. Check them out by clicking the date for more information.

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