Black Levee is band based in San Diego, CA (USA). Their sound can best be described as deep southern soul fused with rock and roll. Borrowing inspiration from a wide range of some of the greats: Lynyrd Skynyrd, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith just to name a few. Led by front man Dan Anderson whose sultry and soulful voice has been compared to the legendary John Fogerty. Nate Alan and Mike Marabeas, with their emotion, fire and style share the responsibilities of lead and rhythm guitars. Their songs cut right to the melodic and rhythmic core of both the blues and great rock and roll. Chris Stead, who plays bass, drives this rock and roll train with the support of pocket drummer TJ Myers creating an atmosphere that is fun, engaging and most importantly entertaining. The fan base for Black Levee is huge with music resonating with kids all the way to people in their early 70s, making them the perfect band for almost any occasion!

Nate Alan
Mike Marabeas
Dan Anderson
TJ Myers
Chris Stead

Our Mission

We are here create and perform timeless music to timeless people.

Black Levee formed in Southern California 2015 can be described as new style of rock and roll mixed with the American music revolution of the British invasion. Rhythm and Blues Guitar driven sounds Led by front man Dan Anderson whose sultry and soulful voice has been compared to the legends of 60’s & 70’s.

With a classic unique sound and old school promotional tactics Black levee has gained a large fan base of college students, professional adults, and baby boomers. With this wide range of fans and organic promotion style music promoters and venue owners have stated Black Levee exceeds all expectations.

In this time of yearning for a musical revolution Black Levee fulfills the need of every Fan, Promoter and Business owner. The past had us all on hold for the next Vocalist, the next Guitarist, the next Drummer and Bassist until now. Black Levee fulfills dreams with its musical experience leaving all involved satisfied.


The Southern California band with a Deep Southern Sound formed April 2015 with the intention of creating original straight ahead Rock n Roll with no fringe or lack of emotion. Honest, soulful, guitar driven Rock n Roll with a power hungry rhythm section that is tighter than most nuns. The 5 members of Black Levee came together in a circle of friends all connected but not knowing it yet.

Crafting the sound of Black Levee began in a garage located on the SDSU campus. Months passed of rehearsal before the final lineup of the team was finalized. All members of Black Levee turned out to know one another from other aspects of music and life. Nate Alan and Chris Stead former band mates of several San Diego musical projects stemming from Blues, Alt Rock, Punk and 70’s rock styles bring a natural dynamic only learned with years of writing and performing together. Mike Marabeas a well studied musician with a history of performing in large community events local to the San Diego area brings an educated and well versed musical vocabulary to every performance. TJ Myers the edgy funky drummer from Maryland who brings dynamics so deep you can hear every high and low of his travels to California. Lead man Dan Anderson from northern California and past medic of the USA military brings the package together with his passionate guttural vocals, gigantic stage presence, and lyrical prowess.

In 2017 Black Levee moved rehearsal from the Garage to a hand built recording studio by famed jazz musician Alan Holdsworth. The change in environment allowed song writing to expand to levels not able to achieve in the garage. Arrangements have been elevated and dynamics are extreme. The latest performance an audience member explained that he was trembling from Black Levee’s music and had the chills.

Every member of Black Levee has an extremely interesting story. All members have experienced their own musical journey that is a representation of Rock n Roll. The Hollywood lifestyle, The East Coast lifestyle, the Northern California lifestyle, and the San Diego lifestyle. In a time of music revelation Black Levee offers a new but familiar sound that stands out completely on its own.

This is Rock n Roll

Performances Resume


01/2016 First Performance Private Party - San Diego - SDSU
09/3/16 Private Party CD Release - San Diego - SDSU
10/8/16 Private Party - San Diego - Claremont
10/29/16 Private Party - San Diego - Spring Valley
11/4/16 Private Party - San Diego - Pacific Beach
11/30/16 Mothers Saloon - San Diego - Ocean Beach


03/18/17 San Diego Harley - San Diego - Bay Ho
03/31/17 Mothers Saloon - San Diego - Ocean Beach
04/22/17 De Oro Mine - Spring Valley - Casa de Oro
06/24/17 Til Two - San Diego - City Heights
06/25/17 Navajo Live - La Mesa - La Mesa
06/30/17 Del Mar Fair Grounds Plaza Stage - Del Mar - Del Mar
08/12/17 Lafayette Hotel and Swim Club - San Diego - North Park
10/28/17 Private Party - San Diego - SDSU


03/17/18 San Diego Harley - San Diego - Bay Ho
05/6/18 Fast Times - San Diego - Clairemont

Memorable Moments

09/2015 Current Line up Formed
11/2015 Release 1st Single Turn it Around
01/2016 First Live Performance
04/2016 First Professional Photo Shoot
07/2016 Release 2nd Single 1868
08/2016 Logo created by Lucas Riley
08/2016 Recorded EP 1868 @ Audio Design mixed and Mastered at Signature Sound
11/2016 Sold Out of first run of 500 Cd’s
11/2016 Mothers Saloon performed to Max Capacity Crowd
04/2017 Voted West Coasts #1 West Coast Band - Rock Goddess Radio Show
10/2017 Moved Rehearsal Studio to Vista Ca - Alan Holdsworth Personal Studio

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