Black Levee Mission is to create and perform timeless music to timeless people

Black Levee formed in Southern California 2015 and is described as new style of rock and roll.  The modern style of song writing with the sounds of the classic American music revolution offers a new & familiar style of music.

This classic unique sound complimented by an organic promotion style Black levee has gained a large diverse fan base ranging from kids, college students, professional adults, and baby boomers.

Venue owners, and Promoters have stated:
“Black Levee exceeds all expectations”.

Black Levee fulfills with its musical experience leaving all involved satisfied.

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What does the band use to create their sound?

Learn how to achieve the classic rock guitar tones performed and recorded by Black Levee. Dive into the inside scoop written by the members of the band. Our Gear Blog goes into detail explaining what the band members are using, the settings of the gear with tips and tricks

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